Lately Apple’s iOS 11.1.1 has caused a lot of issue for many users. There have been reports of broken notifications, stability issues and more importantly, problems with battery life. After these reports Apple still hasn’t addressed the issues in a patch fix.

Other users experienced app crashes, while some claimed that the new version works just fine for them.

User Reports – Battery Issues and Apps Crashing

‘I unplugged my phone an hour ago. I made a 15-minute phone call and listened to a podcast that was already downloaded… and my phone is at 62%.’

‘iPhone6: battery drains, turns off on its own, apps don’t open & crash… Any plans to fix this mess?’

‘@AppleSupport iOS 11.1.1 is causing my apps to crash constantly on my 7plus.’

‘@AppleSupport battery consumption has increased drastically for safari since the last update(11.1.1)..playing videos on safari consumes twice the battery also battery life has been horrible.’

‘@AppleSupport – since my iPhone 6 has the new 11.1.1 update a full battery lasts 4hrs at my normal use!! All basic battery saving stuff checked. Help.’

‘The new iOS 11.1.1 update completely wrecked my phone. Apps constantly freeze and crash. Not cool.’

A lot of users seem to be complaining about the iOS 11.1.1, while the previous build – 11.1 improved their battery life, the current one ruins it altogether.

Will iOS 11.2 Fix the Issues?

Apple has just released the iOS 11.2 and it has 3 beta versions that are currently being tested. We think that there will be about 5-7 betas until a stable and improved version of iOS 11.2 appears. This means that we might see a fix for all those issues caused by iOS 11.1.1 at the beginning of December.

But our main question is will this OS version provide more stability and not eat that much battery as the current OS, or do users have to wait until a 11.3 fix for these issues?

We’ll have to wait a few more days to see it!

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