Samsung remains one of the most important competitors on the market and constant innovation is one of its ways of always remaining top. The Note smartphones are some of the most successful products from this brand and it appears that the next one will be released next year, mid-august. Let’s see what Samsung Note 9 has to bring.

Leaked patents

Valuewalk claimed that the patents of the Samsung Note 9 were leaked which means that we have some early information about the product, despite the fact that there are almost eight months separating us from the launch.

As it turns out, the smartphone will come with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 in the United States and some say that Samsung will also come with the latest version of the Exynos processor in the other parts of the world, including Europe.

The phablet should come with a curved Super AMOLED display and it appears that the bezels will be even smaller than the ones of the Samsung Note 8. However, we do not know the exact size so far. We also do not know any details about the camera yet.

In terms of memory, the Samsung Note 9 is supposed to come with 128 of internal storage, as well as 6 GB or 8 of RAM. Additionally, the device should be priced somewhere around $1000.

The Samsung Galaxy S9

When it comes to the Galaxy S9, it appears that Samsung will unveil it at the beginning of 2018. So far, most Note devices were inspired by the S-series smartphones, so the Galaxy S9 launch might give us some clues about what the Samsung Note 9 will have to bring.

The Galaxy Note 9 is supposed to become a rival for Apple’s iPhone 9 Plus and it appears that this will be a good year for smartphones.

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