Google is working hard to make Chrome OS capable of running Android apps in the background. So far, the apps pause when the user switches away from them and many users do not enjoy it, especially when multitasking.

A bettered Chrome OS version will be soon released

According to an article published in 9to5Google, the American corporation is working hard to keep Chrome on top of other web browsers and operating systems. The new feature will be called Android Parallel Tasks and it is for now, available only on Google’s beta channel. Soon enough, Android Parallel Tasks will be also made available for the public version of Chrome OS. The idea behind is for Google to better Chrome OS and to make Android apps work smoothly.

Chrome OS

This operating system comes preinstalled on Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, Chromebits and Chromebase. It was released for the first time in 2011 and it contains an integrated media player and file manager. Chrome OS supports Chrome Apps and the open source equivalent, known as Chromium OS is also available.

This operating system started slowly and thanks to Google’s efforts to encourage developers to create more apps, Chrome Apps was born. There are hosted apps and package app available.

Google’s two OS: Android and Chrome OS

Some criticized the fact that Google runs two operating systems, suggesting that it shows ambiguity. In March 2013, Pichai replaced Android’s team leader Andy Rubin and even more speculations were born. Some said that this proves the theory that the two operating systems will converge over time.

Chrome OS has been viewed as a direct rival for Microsoft’s Windows OS. Some loved the fact that the Chrome OS supported native apps and offered also a browser.

All in all Google has its hands full.

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