For many years Google’s web browser, Chrome has been the most popular among all. That was due to its friendly interface and fast commands. Other safe web browsers are Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Opera. However, Chrome is four times more popular then Firefox, which is the second browser most used. That means that Google commands through Chrome 60% of the browser market. Mozilla want to regain the first place with the new Firefox Quantum and it is possible.

Firefox Quantum: the new Mozilla browser

In the last years Mozilla lost territory in front of Google, due to the fact that it has not invested as much in new feature for its signature browser, Firefox. Now, the company decided to make Firefox the number one search engine once more.

The new Firefox Quantum is the fastest browser and also smarter than Chrome. The new browser has been built to take advantage of the multi-core processing power of modern devices and it is faster than anyone expected. It also has better memory usage and it is perfect for opening multiple tabs at the same time.

“Send to Device” option

A cool new feature of Firefox Quantum, Send to Device, allows you to send the web page you were seeing on your smartphone to your PC or laptop. Another service, Pocket, allows Firefox users to save pages to a reading list and it provides a read-it-later option.

The newest Mozilla browser also has a QR code reader built-in and a menu item for copying a URL. This is especially helpful when trying to copy and paste a long URL using a smartphone.

There is also a “Night Mode” which inverts the colors on those annoying white websites. The user can customize the browser by changing colors and fonts, button positioning and the visual density of the apps.

All in all, it seems that Firefox is back, stronger than ever.

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