The Dragon Age trilogy has seen a great success among gamers around the world. And if you’re one of the many that have played every single title, then you surely remember that each game has had a different protagonist.

The interesting thing with every title is that they are all connected somehow, each plot mentioning what the protagonist in the previous title has achieved.

And here we are, looking at the new upcoming title: Dragon Age 4.

Dragon Age Series: Good News and Bad News

There are some good news and some bad news about the next titles. The good news is that we know who the protagonists will be in Dragon Age 4 and maybe in the next installment. The bad news is that the writer of the series, Mike Laidlaw, has announced his resignation after he revealed on Twitter some interesting game facts.

Mike Laidlaw said that we will see the plot of Dragon Age 4 continue in the Dragon Age 5 game. So we might see the same protagonist in the same two next games. But as Dragon Age 3 has some unfinished business, we think that we’ll see the Inquisitor as the protagonist. So, the good news is that we get to see more of the Inquisitor in the next two games.

The bad news is that with the resignation of the writer for the Dragon Age series, the game might end once developers launch Dragon Age 5.

Of course, this is only a prediction. Keeping the same protagonist will be the first time in the entire series. And going on with it for the 5th installment of the game wouldn’t be surprising if the game is bound to end. This will allow the series to have a proper ending and tie all the loose ends from the third and fourth title.

  1. Well, it would be pretty strange to have the same protagonist, since the Inquisitor had their arms chopped off at the end of Trespasser. And it wouldn’t keep with the theme of the existing franchise, not to mention that the inquisitor was by far the least interesting protagonist in the franchise.

    So that’s a no on that theory.

    1. Funny how you mentioned that the author got stuff wrong, and then claimed that the inquisitor had their arms chopped off. It was one arm.

  2. And Mike Laidlaw was the Creative Director, not a or “the” writer of the series. But good on you for getting those clicks while getting pretty much everything wrong.

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