Emojis have become an essential part of your daily conversations. It is hard to imagine a chat without those little icons and the emoji mania even began to be spotted on T-shirts or even movies.

When it comes to WhatsApp, the application uses the Apple emojis. If the Apple releases new emoji, it takes take some time until they reach the devices

WhatsApp beta 2.17,38

A new update is available and you will be able to get new emojis such shushing face, vomiting face, exploding face, as well as some emojis such as vampires, wizards, fairies, genies and mermaids. These emojis cannot be found easily in the original emojis. In fact, WhatsApp even managed to come with its own set of emojis.

Despite the fact that WhatsApp received it very own emojis, many emojis were missing from it. WhatsApp beta update 2.17.397 comes to fix this situation and it offers the users all the emojis that cannot be found normally.

If you want to try the latest version of the beta program you will have to be registered for it. Additionally, you can get WhatsApp Beta 2.17.397 online as an APK.

New emojis

The new emojis available for WhatsApp beta also have a series of pictures that can come in very useful. Users will be able to use a socks emoji or a gloves one, and the same goes for jackets, hats or scarfs. There are some new additions even when it comes to food, and you should be able to try out a broccoli emoji, a coconut emoji or one that depicts a fortune cookie.

There are even some yoga emojis and some dinosaur ones as well. If you have the latest WhatsApp Beta update you should be able to experiment them right now.

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