Skype and WhatsApp are too powerful rivals and they are both popular choices when it comes to communication applications. While Skype is used more on computers and WhatsApp appears more often on mobile phones, they both have similar features.

Today we will compare the video quality and see which application offers you the best calling feature.

Internet connection

Having a good Internet connection is an important factor when it comes to call quality. If one of the person has a bad connection then the quality won’t be too good, but you will immediately notice that it will get better if the connection is a good one.

If we compare Skype and WhatsApp we can notice that the quality is better for Skype. However, this is not really a surprise since Skype has way more experience because it has been around for more time.

Other bonus features

Beyond the basic calls, there are some extra features as well when it comes to Skype. You can use Skype to make mobile phone calls or even landline ones, while WhatsApp calls only work with other people that have the app.

Additionally, Skype calls works perfectly both on mobile and computer and you can share files, create conferences or even share the screen of your computer. Meanwhile WhatsApp can’t really offer any of these, which makes Skype the winner in this situation.

However, Skype is an application that that is used mostly for calls. If we take a look at WhatsApp we can notice that the developers focus more on messaging functions. For example, WhatsApp users are now even able to delete messages so that the other person won’t see them as well.

To sum up, while both comes with some impressive functions, the Voice/Video Calling feature is definitely better for Skype.

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