The proliferation of robocalls or automated dialers these days has been considered to be so annoying. But, mainly it has been proven useful in a lot of establishments such as hospitals, schools, and other service institutions in the community.

Automated dialers should work for you as well, if you are into service business. All you need to do is to have the basic requirements to set up your own automated dialer. Such would include a desktop computer, voice modem, software for autodialing, and an active telephone.

The voice modem would allow the computer to play or record the audio via a telephone line. If you are going to check your computer, it does have 2-4 internal modem cards available for this type of service. But it only requires a single phone line in which each internal modem would be connected to it. Having more modems allows you to make more telephone calls simultaneously.

Automated dialers are very useful within the call center in which a number of live operators are employed. Each of them should have a telephone having a headset connected to the dedicated telephone line. These mechanisms can work via regular PSTN or public switched telephone network, as well as VoIP or voice over Internet protocol.

The problem with these features though is that spammers are using them in order to make their own schemes work for their own advantage. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) stated that it is getting some 200,000 complaints every year regarding unwanted calls. Moreover, the Federal Trade Commission also received around 5.3 million complaints regarding calls from telemarketers in 2016.

In as much as the FCC wanted to crackdown robocalls, the agency is also reinforcing its effort to curb illegal robocalls. Nevertheless, ridding the world of such automated dialers can be tricky due to the fact that some legit services are using this technology to serve people around the world.

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