Communication is the single most important part of any truly successful business. This is why you should take a look at the latest version of the wildly popular messenger app called WhatsApp Beta APK Update. This extremely useful communication tool that allows you and your users to send important text, voice, video and even pictures inside a message.

One of the major advantages to using a messenger app like WhatsApp is that there is absolutely no additional charge for sending any type of messages, even if you are sending them to a person in an area that is international. The WhatsApp does not use any of your data plan, due to how the messages are transmitted and received by mobile devices.

WhatsApp is also fully compatible with Windows and Mac OS’s which means you can also chat from desktop or laptop computers directly to mobile phone users (as of now there is no support for tablets). One of the few requirements for being able to use the WhatsApp is that the device has to have Internet access in order to be able to use it.

Key Features available when using WhatsApp Beta APK Update

  1. Zero Hidden Costs associated with using the messenger
  2. Communicate with mobile user via message, video, voice and images
  3. Set up group chats from your contact list
  4. Establish a personal profile customized with your picture
  5. No additional cost for international communications
  6. No need to remember user credentials (username and password)
  7. Never need to continuously have to login/out
  8. Uses your contact list, no more having to add friends to send messages

WhatsApp Beta APK Update – Official Download Sources

This latest version of the popular mobile messaging app WhatsApp is available for all Android enabled smartphones to be able to send messages to all other mobile devices. Once you have the latest version downloaded from one of the official download sources, the installation process is extremely easy and only takes a few minutes to get it all set up.

After the app is fully installed you will need to create your personalized user profile and your phone contacts will automatically be synced with the WhatsApp app. WhatsApp is fully compatible with all of the current desktop OS’s including Windows and Mac. WhatsApp was designed to be a truly multimedia communication app that has virtually no limit as to what platform you are attempting to communicate with via messenger.

The WhatsApp is a powerful communication tool for businesses to use when they need to collaborate between locations that are separated geographically, even if it includes locations on the other side of the globe. Being able to share videos, images and audio messages makes it a great tool for both personal and business.

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