The majority of WhatsApp users are hesitant in enrolling in the beta program due to the plethora of glitches and bugs. However, if users want the latest update sooner, it is the quickest way in which to get it. The latest update offers software improvements, new features, and addresses bug problems too.

What people need to understand about the Beta program is that users may or may not have any bugs to deal with. After all, WhatsApp is considered a premium app, and it’s rare for developers to miss bugs.

The latest WhatsApp update – 2.19.128 – is currently available for beta testers and is slowly being released over the air. What are some of the specs of this latest update from the popular messaging service?

The 2.19.128 update is regarded as a maintenance update, meaning it addresses bugs and deals with software. This update is considered high priority because it does address problems the WhatsApp app is having, ensuring that it runs efficiently and gives users the best possible experience.

There are no new features or visual alterations in this update.

Is There An APK Release For The Update?

The developers at WhatsApp also offer the update via APK format. It’s considered a special kind of update, but must be downloaded manually and can be installed by any non-beta WhatsApp user.

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