WhatsApp, which began as an SMS service, is one of the most popular messaging apps available. The mobile app uses a connection to the Internet rather than SMS and is closer to being offered to desktop users using Windows or iOS.

What does the latest WhatsApp Web have to offer users?

What Are The Features Associated With WhatsApp Web

Keep in mind that WhatsApp Web is for anyone using desktop computers – not smartphones. All that’s needed to use the app is to open the WhatsApp app and take a picture of the QR code on the website. Sync the phone with the computer and download the Web version for your Windows or Mac computer.

There are three key features noted with the desktop version:

  • Chats can be started or continued by looking them up
  • Receive notifications for when someone messages you
  • Free calls for Windows, Android and iPhone phones

In essence, it means you can use WhatsApp Web to talk with family and friends, but the mobile app must be used to place calls.

Rumors Of WhatsApp Web Phone Calls

The Internet is abuzz with the possibility that WhatsApp Web could soon allow for voice calling. For the time being, online smartphone users are the only ones that can make voice calls. Still, it’s not stopped the rumor mill from churning out the possibility that WhatsApp Web users will soon have this ability.

Can Business Owners Use The WhatsApp Web?

Small businesses can now use the WhatsApp Web program to talk with customers online. WhatsApp began offering the feature in January, allowing them to come up with business profiles such as contact and business information. Users are alerted to new WhatsApp Web business users.

The WhatsApp Web Business feature allows business owners to send away messages, messages to greet new customers and reply to most commonly asked questions. It allows them to also receive and send messages via their desktop computers when using WhatsApp Web.

This free app is geared to any small business owner and can be downloaded by users in the U.S., Mexico, Italy, Indonesia and the United Kingdom.

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