Samsung and Nokia phone users – don’t despair. If you want to use WhatsApp on your older model Nokia or Samsung device, it’s still possible. Bear in mind that support for both the S40 and S60 ended June 30, 2017, as well as for the BlackBerry 10 and OS phones.

At the start of 2018, WhatsApp stopped support for numerous devices such as:

  • Windows Phone 7
  • Android 2.3.3 and older version
  • iPhone 3GS that had iOS 6

If you have a Nokia or BlackBerry phone and are not sure if your phone will support the app, don’t worry too much about it. Many older Nokia, BlackBerry and Samsung phones still have access to the program.

To find out if your phone is still supported by WhatsApp, you need to connect it to the Internet and download the app. Once downloaded, you should receive a notification of how to install the device. If this does not happen, chances are you cannot install the program.

If you have a Samsung device, it should run something higher than Android 2.3.3 and have access to the Internet or 4G service.

WhatsApp does not offer support for iPods, iPads, Wi-Fi only devices, computers or tablets at this time.

There are still some Nokia S40 devices that can run the WhatsApp program such as S60 3rd and 5th Editions, Symbian Belle OS and Symbian Anna.  If you have a Symbian device, it should be a Nokia Series 40 or higher phone with an Internet data plan. WhatsApp does not support Vodafone or Vivo carriers in Portugal and Brazil.

WhatsApp is available for desktop users via the WhatsApp Web app. In order for it to work, however, the app must be synced to the phone. You’ll also be required to log into the WhatsApp account each time the app is opened on the computer.

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