Firefox used to be the most popular web browser during the mid-2000s, when the other alternative was Internet Explorer. Since then, Google has released a fast and powerful rival: Chrome. With the appearance of Chrome in 2008, Firefox lost its crown of most popular browser and became a second choice.

Firefox wants to become number 1 again

Mozilla decided to invest more resources for desktop version Firefox and has released a new version: Firefox 57, Quantum. There are plenty of reasons why you should try it:

  • Faster and less demanding: the new version is twice as fast as the previous Firefox version and it uses 30% less memory space than Chrome.
  • Photon UI: the UI has a new design with a white interface combined with blue highlights. The new Firefox has a simple and cleaner look, making it especially pleasant for monitors with great pixel density.
  • Productivity tools: a new productivity tool is the ability of grabbing a screenshot from the browser. This can be done using the screenshot option built-in the browser.
  • Pocket integration: this feature is perfect for saving time: it shows users recommendations and the most visited pages.
  • Great speed: Firefox Quantum uses a CSS engine and tab prioritization. Mozilla also made sure to eliminate bugs and do some fixes. This means less crashed and a faster rendering of webpages.
  • Customize option: this new feature allows users to customize the toolbar. To do so the user has to click on Menu and then choose the option Customize. There are several themes from where to choose from, the user can take a look by going to Themes Add-ons.

All in all, it seems that the new Firefox 57 Quantum can be a strong opponent for the popular Chrome.

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