Businesses to ordinary citizens rely on cloud-based services these days. The storage of files, the collaboration between teams, and the retrieval and keeping of mail are functions that can now be done over the internet and through devices. And there are many companies responsible for making such services widely available. Get to know them and the services they provide:


Jeff Bezos just keeps getting richer with each passing day. The recent Black Friday sales pushed his net worth to $100 billion. His company has become not only an online retail giant, but has also recently waded into putting up brick and mortar stores.

The retail industry isn’t the only sector that Amazon has dipped its hands into. It has even branched out into the entertainment industry and managed to produce some really decent shows. And among its many ventures, its Amazon Web Services (AWS) ranks as one of the most useful for clients.

AWS is a comprehensive and still evolving cloud computing platform. It was launched in 2006 to provide online services needed by websites as well as client-side applications. The service is diversified across regions to limit the impact of outages and ensure majority get services.

Today, the AWS portfolio includes:

  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) – an IaaS service that provides virtual servers that can be controlled by an API.
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk – a PaaS service for hosting applications.
  • Amazon DynamoDB – provides NoSQL online database service.
  • Amazon Redshift – for data warehousing needs.
  • Amazon Lambda – an event-driven, serverless computing platform runs code triggered by an event then computes the resources needed by code automatically.
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) – for backup, file storage and hosting, application data hosting, static website hosting, and more.


Over the years, Google has grown from providing a very useful search tool to having an arm for producing mobile devices. It has become a trusted name for personal and business communication needs. Gmail is still one of the top webmail services today and for the heck of it, a similar service called Inbox was also launched.

A number of products offered by Google are also offered by Amazon and Microsoft. They even provide versions for everyday consumers and business users. Amazon EC2 is rivaled by Google Compute Engine while Amazon S3 is Google Storage’s competition. Google has Drive for regular users while Amazon also has Amazon Drive.


Microsoft has seen some bad times, but they are still a top name in tech. They also provide similar services to those just highlighted, including Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Cloud Services, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, and Azure Blob Storage.

These three names are the top in a lot of categories these days, not just when it comes to cloud computing. Although Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are dominant, there are other providers who offer more or less the same services. Who knows what will happen in a few years – maybe those that are dominant today won’t be as strong come tomorrow. Then again, if you want quality services right now, you couldn’t go wrong with the three names listed here.

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