Online security is more important than you would think. Threats are everywhere and you never know when you might become the victim of such an attack. For companies, this is even more complicated. However, SDN on network appliances begins to be a great solution that can have positive outcomes for all enterprises.

One of the main advantages of Software-Defined Networking is the fact that it can be a great tool for security. In fact, SDN can enhance network protection in new ways, and it comes with plenty of benefits for the clients.

What is SDN?

Software defined networking allows network administrators to take most decisions, and this way all the traffic is routed through a single controller. This means that a single firewall can be used to route data packets, which can be more efficient.

Software-defined networking comes to change the old structure of classic networks and it brings all the needed dynamism. Dynamic programming, as well as restructured network settings lead to a smaller chance of DDoS attacks, and it should be also mentioned that SDN has automatic quarantine capabilities as well.


Another advantage for Software-defined networking is that it makes configuration even easier. Configuration for a VLAN is not something difficult and all companies do it in order to have better security. With the help of SDN, automate configuration is even easier and it improves the traceability.


Cloud Application Programming Interfaces are also an important part in the applications and the controllers of the Software-Defined Networking. The best part about them is that they are easy to use, and that is also the reason why they have been introduced recently. However, many enterprises are very sceptical when it comes to cloud computing solutions, since the cloud appears more vulnerable than it should.

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