Recently we’ve heard some interesting rumors regarding WhatsApp. If the reports are true, iPad users might receive their very own version which was built specifically for those devices.

This would be some good news for all iPad users since WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat applications and it has millions of mobile users. However, the app is not available for iPads or iPods and it only limited to phones.

WhatsApp for iPad

This information came from WABetaInfo, which noticed some references regarding a “WhatsApp for iPad app” in an update. WABetaInfo added that this will be “great news for all WhatsApp users having an iPad device”, but it did not offer more details about how this application should work.

This means that we do not know yet if iPad users will receive an actual application, or it will be something similar to WhatsApp Web, which would mean that you would still need an account created on phones.

In the past, iPad users discovered other ways to get WhatsApp on their device, but the app continued to require a phone number.

Other new features

WhatsApp is currently releasing new features, and the iPad rumors are not the only thing that we received in the past weeks. For example, WhatsApp also recently released Delete for Everyone. This new feature is incredibly useful, since it allows you to delete messages that you have already sent. However, you will have to do that in the first seven minutes after sending the message, or the option won’t be available anymore. (

Nevertheless, WhatsApp users managed to find a loophole that will allow them to delete messages that are already a few days old. All you have to do is change the time on your phone’s clock.

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