Nowadays, classic television is no longer one of the most popular options. In the era of technology, you are able to control the content you want to see. You can customise the program anyway you want and streaming devices are the best tools for this.

Since they have become so marketable it is normal that we have more options available. Right now, there are three devices that are alike and provide a similar experience: Roku Streaming Stick+, Google Chromecast Ultra and Amazon All-New Fire TV. But how are they different?


It is hard to find a streaming player that has the ideal design. Obviously, these devices have their own requirements which means that you will probably need more cables and space than you would have expected.

Amazon Fire TV is basically a large square dongle, but you cannot secure it to the back of the TV. You will probably need a wall adapter, which means that you will have to use an extra cable.

The Chromecast Ultra device has an interesting look, but it isn’t too practical either. The device looks like a disc and it attaches magnetically to the HDMI cord. However, the downsize is that you will need an outlet for it.

The Roku Streaming Stick+ appears to win this battle. It looks like a, you guessed it, stick, but you won’t need any new cables for it.


When it comes to a streaming device, it is important to know which apps are available.

It is hard to say how many apps are available for Chromecast Ultra, because almost any Android app can become compatible. However, Amazon Video is not supported.

Fire TV has a larger selection than the rest and you should find most of the apps there, and even a good range of games. However, you will need to get a third-party media player.

The Roku Streaming Stick+ comes with more than 5000 apps, which means that it brings everything you want when it comes to television. However, its weakness is the games selection which is far from impressive.


A simple interface can be an important advantage, and the Chromecast Ultra appears to have it. It does not come with a different interface because you will basically access the apps from your phone or your computer. Then, when you want to use one you press the Cast button and it will appear on your TV.

When it comes to the Roku Streaming Stick+ things are equally simple. You will see a home screen and all your applications will be there. You can also rearrange them any way you want and you just have to select one in order to use it.

The Fire TV device focuses on an Amazon product, which should come as no surprise. You will notice that the Amazon Video content will be the one at the centre of everything, which can be quite inconvenient. As you get more apps, Fire TV will allow you to organize the menu and it will highlight the channels that you have recently used.

Setting them up

A good setup should not last too long and it should not be too complicated. With the Amazon Fire TV things are pretty simpler, as you just sign in with an Amazon account and then you can download other applications.

The same thing goes for the Streaming Stick+. You sign in to various accounts and download the apps that you want.

The Chrome cast will use your other devices, so you only need to log it in to your home network and install the Google Home app.

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