Data transfer over the Internet should be secured in order to avoid compromise. With help from the Google Cloud VPN, you will be able to connect your on-premises network to the Google Cloud Platform. This way, traffic between 2 networks will be encrypted by 1 VPN gateway. Then, it is decrypted by another VPN gateway, thereby protecting your data as it travels online.

Only IPsec gateway-to-gateway scenarios are supported by Cloud VPN. So, you need to have a dedicated virtual or physical IPsec VPN gateway over at the client’s side. Thus, client-to-gateway scenarios are not supported by Cloud VPN as of the moment.

So, if you want to consider using client software on your laptop, take note that it will not work with this type of configuration. However, it would work with full VPN gateway software. This is because Cloud VPN only work with IPsec not VPN technologies.

In the event when necessary, you can connect a number of on-premise networks to the same VPN network. This can be done by the connection of several tunnels to the same Cloud VPN networks.

If you are going to create a VPN tunnel, it is vital to instruct the tunnel which destination IP address are allowed. Likewise, you need to make routes in order to forward packets intended for a particular IP range towards the tunnel.

Android users can also use VPN service in app form in order to surf the Web without being tracked by anyone. This is particularly useful due to the many websites with malicious intent that may use your information from their ads.

The latest version of Cloud VPN Pro is, which contains some bug fixes developed to keep annoying issues away and improve the user experience and performance of the app.

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