Is this the future? iOS 12 is rumored to hit the market on September 2018. This has been a part of the world for a long time now Apple will probably try to promote it by offering a preview in June 2018, at WWDC.They might even put up a beta version for you.

Let’s recap what do we have so far: we have iOS 11 with a so-good control center and we have a more natural Siri. What’s greater than that? Better music-recognition. Even though Siri is a nice guy and can name music, it’s not as good as it’s supposed to be. So now that Apple has bought Shazam, we’re expecting the best for this feature. But the problem? They might make Shazam an Apple-friendly app, which means that it will only be available on iOS devices. Which kinda sucks. The part that doesn’t suck is that features that have never seen the light of the day with iOS 11 might get to discover the world with iOS 12, features like the dark mode and a the ability to make a profile on the iPad.

And we have some good news for you. We know some of its possible characteristics and they’re amazing! But as we know Apple, it’s possible not all of them will be included in the new operating system. But we still get our hopes high.

iOS 12 Features

  1. Siri will be able to realize if you’re whispering and he’s going to whisper you back. This feature was firstly talked about in 2016, but people got the idea on December 14. Imagine how awesome is that!
  2. A panic button. This has been thought about since July. To activate the panic button, people will have to make a few touch gestures on their iPhone. This is a brilliant idea when it comes to danger. This panic button will call the police and send them your GPS location.
  3. You introduce a sleep patter and the alarm will do its job. Apple will use some of its greatest features, like heart rate, microphone and light sensors and it will realize all by himself what’s your ritual – what’re doing before going to bed, the exact time you’re falling asleep and it will calculate the right time for you to be rested and ready for a new day.
  4. If iOS 11 let people see the indoor maps of airports and shopping centers from everywhere is this world, iOS 12 will introduce more sophisticated data – it will be able to show you what floor you’re on when you’ll be out shopping in the biggest mall there ever was.
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