Every time you are going to travel to somewhere new there won’t be any unknown roads since Google Maps will guide you along the way.

Recently it was reported that Google Maps had an important update both on Android and iOS. It might be a small improvement but it’s very useful for those who travel via public transportation. While the app has a gradual navigation when traveling on a bus, subway or train, this will notify you when you have to stop for the reached destination.

What’s new?

The update keeps track of your departing time as well as the expected time of arrival. It is very useful for those who are new in a city or for daily commuters who are busy reading or doing something else. By picking your destination and a route, the next step is to tap on START.

The new update allows you to use different apps while Google Maps is running live. You can now check on your location and see the progress you’ve been through since the map will give you the transit direction in real-time.

New pop up

You will not be lost anymore from now on. If you are either using your phone on chatting or playing games, Google Maps has now even a pop-up notification for when you reach your stop. Say goodbye to the missed buses or trains. Even if your phone is locked, you don’t have to lose an important second for unlocking it since the pop up will be shown on the lockscreen.

There is still something to discuss here. Only the users with Android can benefit from the persistent notification with step-by-step navigation. As for the iOS ones, Google Maps maintains the pop up notification while arriving at your next stop.

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