There are just a few decent solutions to the Internet browser market, but that’s fine. After all, the existing browsers are the biggest around. Similar to the PC, Chrome is king with most people trusting the browser Google developed more than the others.

This doesn’t mean that Google is the only browser you should be using. There are many mobile browsers to consider such as Firefox.

Firefox has managed to get a good hold on the Android OS, and recently released a new version 58.0 beta. Why should you consider Mozilla Firefox over Google Chrome?

What Does Firefox Have To Offer?

The latest Firefox build lets people add websites to their home screen similar to native applications. Thus, you have more control and can make customization to fit your needs. With this much control, you can browse the Internet any way you’d like.

The Free Lossless Audio Codec file format is finally being added and will get support. Many people like this file format.

It also adds other regions to the browser such as Nepali and Bengali, ensuring that people can easily and effortlessly browse the web with the browser.

Not only are there new things to enjoy with the Firefox beta, but it’s removed a few things as well. For instance, the developers eliminate the Firefox Search widget. While some folks may have liked it, others may be excited about the feature being gone.

How Users Can Help Developers Create The New App

Many people don’t realize it but developers release beta versions of programs to get a sense of what is wrong and right with it. They count on users like yourself to provide them with feedback. Most people don’t think developers listen to users, but that’s just not true. Developers listen to users to determine what they need to do in regards to app changes or updates.

Firefox for Android offers a plethora of additions that will enhance user experience. And, if you are the first of your group to see and try it, you’ll be experienced when it finally comes out while your friends are novices.

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