Have you ever found yourself asking where you’ve been on a certain day? Google Maps is here to save the day and help you remember with their Timeline feature.

Go to your Google Maps app and check the Menu at the left top. There you will see ‘Your Timeline’ and the details of the places you’ve been to in a specified period. This feature is personal and only you can see it, so all you have to do is to enable it.

Another way of accessing this feature is from the map section. Open a place card for a place that you have already visited and you will see the dates when you visited that place. There is also graph icon on which you can tap for more details – like the time you spent there.

‘Your Timeline’ feature also has some options: you can delete a day, add a place or show the addresses of your Google Contacts on the Map. You can also see Google Photos that you checked on your way on a certain day.

You will be able to search the places you have visited through different filters: by date, mode of transport or type of activity.

Google added this feature so that we wouldn’t ask ourselves questions such as: ‘did I go to the Office Post last week?’, ‘What was the name of that clothes store I passed by last month?’, and so on.

This feature is amazing for those that are so occupied with important things that they can no longer remember small details about their past outdoors activities and is quite handy.

But some of you might not like the idea of an app tracking and recording your travel plans. And if you’re not comfortable with it ‘following you’, then you can just disable the feature and start making some notes of your own in your personal agenda to remember those important locations and related details.

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