Google Earth, which is available in both Basic and Pro versions, is an extremely useful tool to people who like reading satellite images, looking at various terrains, maps and 3D buildings. The great thing about this program is that it lets people check out the geographical content of anywhere they want and save it to share with others or keep.

The Latest Version Of Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro was recently updated to the version, which fixes a few bugs associated with the version. It also has a host of new features such as:

  • Search of business locations
  • Underwater access
  • Access to background information and historical content
  • Access to 3D places of the world
  • Street view of places around the world
  • Ability to explore destinations hardly seen

If you had problems upgrading to Google Earth Pro from Google Earth Free, the latest update addresses those problems. Many users found that their My Places folder was lost, which was fixed with the update. Google Pro’s newest version created a new My Places folder from the information of the free version.

Google Earth Pro Addresses the Black Globe Problems

The latest update also addresses the black globe error that many Windows users have seen. The newest version reads the graphics card and lets users who have the problem use DirectX. Google Earth Pro users can either wait for the update or manually update it themselves.

Should You Be Using Be Using Google Earth Pro?

Google Earth Pro lets people watch the world in the comfort of their own home. They can watch it from above or just explore it by flipping through the images. It’s ideal for people who love to explore but don’t have the kind of money or time it takes to travel.

The tool is also ideal for geography enthusiasts.

What’s So Great About Google Earth Pro?

The great thing about Google Earth Pro is that it’s free to use – for anyone and everyone.

Yes, in the past, the Pro version cost money, but for a good reason. It has a plethora of features the standard version doesn’t have. For example, it has radius measurements, moving making capabilities, GIS data importer and printing models.  Google Earth Pro is free today – has been for two years now. It works on various computer operating software such as Windows 7, 10.8, etc.

The Pro version has many variations to it:

  • Google Earth Pro
  • Google Earth Enterprise
  • Google Earth Plus
  • Google Earth Plug-In
  • Google Earth 9
  • Google Maps (which is all about maps) – With this, you can check out the street maps and routes, traffic and get a panoramic view of the area. Many drivers use Google Maps to help them navigate unknown locations.

Downloading Google Earth Pro

To attain Google Earth Pro, you need to visit the official Google website and open the menu on the right-hand side. You should see a version of the Google Earth Pro for desktop. You’ll need to agree to Google Earth’s Privacy and Policy terms before you can download the program.

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