Data loss is a major risk for anyone who uses a virtual storage space. If you store data on your phone, computer or portable storage device, it could succumb to loss over any number of accidental or malicious causes.

Data recovery software helps to protect users from different loss scenarios. The best data recovery software for windows will be compatible with a variety of models, help to recover different formats for different data types, offer great additional features and cost as little as possible.

EaseUS data recovery wizard will offer comprehensive coverage for different formats, as well as ensure protection from most loss scenarios.


It is compatible with all windows devices, as well as operating systems. The recovery wizard will help protect against loss on your Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. It will also work efficiently on different Windows server packs, as well as Windows mobile devices. It will also work for certain removable devices, and may be compatible with HFS+, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT and ReFS system frameworks.

Its compatibility extends to the range of formats and extensions that it can help recover. Your images, videos, books and other documents will be recovered, regardless of their formats. Unlike most freeware recovery options available, this wizard does not limit user recovery to specific formats.

The recovery software has a great user interface. It is also lightweight, and does not strain your system’s resources. The appealing design and smooth transition, coupled with the ease of installation and use make the recovery option ideal for users with little experience. It is an automated and hassle-free recovery option that could require only a few clicks.

Data loss is unpredictable, and often occurs accidentally. EaseUS’ data recovery wizard for Windows helps to protect against a variety of loss scenarios, including those that may be accidental or malicious. With this tool, your device will be guaranteed hard drive recovery and partition retrieval in the event of damage. It can also protect against loss from virus attacks, OS crashes and accidental deletion.

Searching through large partitions will often make recovery processes slow and tiring. EaseUS have developed a specialized algorithm to search strictly for deleted and lost files first, which makes it quicker than other available options. There is a deep scan as well, for users who may be looking for a more thorough recovery process across the different storage sectors. This classification helps to optimize recovery times for a quick process.


  • Compatible with many devices and file systems
  • Optimized for a smooth transition
  • Comprehensive recovery formats for more options
  • Protection against different loss scenarios


  • Limited to 2Gb recovery
  • Doesn’t offer unlimited customer support

Final thought

EaseUS’ recovery wizard is a must have for all Windows users. It is compatible with different Windows versions and file systems, and will only require a minimal amount of space and RAM.

This freeware can be the answer to your recovery needs. It is limited to 2Gb, and may not be ideal for large recovery processes.

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