Google Play Store is the place where owners of Android devices go to download games, apps, movies, books, music and other types of content. Those who enjoy trying apps and games know how important Google Play Store credit is.

This is hot you can get Google Play Store credit for free

Those who do not have money to spare on apps have to download “Google Opinion” from the Play Store. This app is the answer to getting free apps and games. Once the app has been downloaded and loaded, it will notify the user when there are surveys available.

Google Opinion is the solution

As mentioned, the app Google Opinion will help you try games and apps for free, while at the same time Google will receive your surveys. It is a win-win situation. The surveys will ask you about brands or when was the last time you visited a certain store etc.

Those who do not mind sharing their location and some information can gather up to 50 cents per survey. It is also important to have time enough to complete them, although they are not long most of the times.

Even if many might think that a couple of cents is not worth the effort, they add up and you might get a nice Google Play credit balance for free. The only thing needed is time and patience.

Play Store for Android

Google Play is the official app store and it was formally known as Android Market. Services offered include: Google Play Books, Google Play Music, Google Play Newsstand, Google Play Games and Google Play Movies & TV.

At the beginning of 2017, Google Play had more than 2.7 million Android apps available for users from 145 countries. There are things for everyone.

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  1. I got $50 in five years, had to flash my phone, then nothing ever since. There are no tricks to get more surveys or surveys at all: open the app every day, review places, etc. Have tried them all, it does not work anymore

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