Esports is becoming more and more popular these days and Clash Royale wants to be part of it. The London Copper Box Arena housed the Clash Royale World Finals and the prize was a statue of a blonde barbarian mascot.

2017 was a good year for professional gamers

Technology these days has created new jobs for those who have a passion for video and phone games. Enthusiasts can make a living playing video games.

The Copper Box Arena hosted the handball 2012 Olympics and more than 1,000 Clash Royale players were expected to attend.

Professional gamers are now equivalent to athletes and the world of esports is continuously growing.

By 2020 esports revenues are estimated to reach 1.5. billion $. It is clear it will become a money making industry and Supercell knows it.

Supercell wants to become a promoter of esports

The Finish mobile game development company has taken part in esports tournament since the launching of Clash Royale back in 2016. However, this was the first global esports event organized by Supercell.

Tim Ebner, Esports manager at Supercell, gave an interview for Newsweek and said that the company is trying to engage all types of players: those who are watching esports content and those who are not familiar with it.

Clash Royale esport event

Clash Royale held the qualifiers for the Crown Championship back in August and all those downloading the game could compete. So far 27.4 million users from 187 different countries dueled with barbarians and inferno dragon on order to become a top player.

Ebner further explained that the event was encouraging for all types of players and they had the chance to compete in one of the biggest esports tournament: The Clash Royale Crown Championship World Finals.

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