Adobe Flash Player used to be a plug-in that was crucial in order to access the Internet a few years ago. However, Flash slowly began to become vulnerable and hackers started exploiting all of its weaknesses. Finally, it became very clear that Adobe Flash Player is outdated and needs to be replaced with better technology. Adobe also agreed and the company decided to pull the plug on it in 2020.

While Flash will only be around for two years and most tech giants are promoting HTML 5 as a better alternative, there are still many websites that require Flash in order to play content. While this can be inconvenient, it is even worse for 64-bit browser users since Flash Player was 32-bit only until now.

Flash finally goes 64-bit

The change that everyone expected is finally here and Adobe Flash Player is finally ready to become functional for 64-bit browser as well. This is good news for all users who still have to deal with websites that require Flash.

While the plug-in won’t be necessary in the future since most websites will switch to HTML 5, it is good to know that Adobe continues to improve Flash even in its final years.

The plug-in received some other improvements as well. For example, Adobe’s cross-platform runtime environment, Adobe AIR 3 now has Stage3D Accelerated Graphics Rendering. This means that Flash content can control hardware-accelerated graphics rendering.

Flash now has H.264/AVC SW encoding for streaming video and HD surround sound support, as well as G.711 audio compression for telephony.

There are more versions, and each versions work with certain browsers. You can download Download Adobe Flash Player for Other Browsers for Windows here and Download Adobe Flash Player for Other Browsers for Mac here.

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