Things are getting more real for the Pokémon Go nowadays. It seems that about 50 new characters will be added to the game, also a real weather system, as the reality. According to Niantic – a developer of the game, specific pokémon might appear giving the weather conditions.

Players should expect to see a much better match between what’s in the game and what’s in the world around them. We don’t have any pokémon that will only show up in a given weather condition. But there are some pokémon who care a lot about their weather conditions, so you can expect Lotad to show up in really large numbers when it’s raining outside. But if you live in an area where it doesn’t really have that much rain, you might still see a Lotad wandering through your habitat. (declared Matt Slemon – lead developer.)

Hoenn region

Every pokémon is illustrated as part of the Hoenn region from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire (released in 2002). The thing with the weather is that whether the icy-pokémon is caught on a snowy day, this one will be stronger and harder to catch since its CP level matches its weather-type condition.

We don’t want to penalize a player by, for instance, de-powering a pokémon that they may be very attached to. The other part of that is we want to encourage behavior rather than punish it. We’re trying to strike a balance between promoting gameplay that utilizes weather, without penalizing everyone who might not have that super high-level Charizard when it’s hot outside.(Slemon); meaning that you won’t see a negative part in this game if, for instance, the weather doesn’t match the character’s type. The latter is not going to be weaker.

Missing Features

There are still missing features that are promised to be added later in the game but Niantic is still adding fresh elements like co-operative raids, legendary Pokémon and real-world events, since July – when Pokémon celebrated its anniversary.

Generation three and the Hoenn region are just thematically tied to weather so closely, it’s a core tenet of their identity, that the fit was just so perfect, explain Slemon and why they chose to pick the weather concept contrary to other pending elements on the line.

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