There was a slight glitch that came to exist in the Eve of the New Year 2018. For this reason, the app failed to work and left thousands unable to receive or send text messages.

The affected areas were mainland Europe and the U.K. The said problem came to be at around 6pm in the U.K., which was identified after tracks of social media comments started to became viral.

WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook and now has 1.2 billion users. Good thing though the problem was fixed immediately for about an hour. The cause of the said glitch was unknown as of the moment, but authorities have already sought the reason for this problem.

In an earlier update, Microsoft also made a statement that it would no longer support WhatsApp for its Groove Music and the Windows Phone 8. Likewise, WhatsApp also made an announcement that it would end its support for Windows Phone 8 and other older devices.

WhatsApp also stated that the decision was made because of the lack of users in the said devices. Thus, they are urging users to upgrade their devices in order to get the service they wanted to have.

The popularity of WhatsApp was mostly due to many reasons, despite its lack of features that its competitors have.

  • Being the pioneer, WhatsAapp was released in 2009, already used for mobile devices even ahead of Skype.
  • WhatsApp has become the standard of SMS or short messaging system, solving the problem of expensive and limited costs of this service.
  • WhatsApp was intended for messaging, not for calling. But it was welcomed by people as a new way to text along with Skype.
  • Easily identifiable users than Skype, as it identifies users via their own phone numbers and no need to ask for user names.
  • It gets a lot of people onboard via its cross-platform flexibility.
  • You can carry WhatsApp anywhere you go because it was primarily made for mobile devices and not for computers.

You can still officially download WhatsApp for Android or iOS devices via Google Play Store or Apple App Store, respectively.

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