The heading might confuse you a bit since WhatsApp is a known alternative to SMS or text messaging. Aside from that, it also facilitates sending of audio and video files, images, and voice messages. The app also covers a range of devices and operation systems as it is available on the following:

  • Symbian
  • Nokia
  • Blackberry
  • Windows phone
  • iOS
  • Android

So there is the question of whether one can send an SMS message to another user through WhatsApp?

The answer is a straight no.

Although a large part of the app’s user base has suggested that it integrate SMS messaging to its features, WhatsApp was created to compete with SMS. Its basic use contradicts that of SMS as it is designed as an alternative to text messaging.

In fact, the high cost of SMS especially in other countries has ballooned its user base to more than a billion already. Every day, new users are downloading the app and millions of them are taking advantage of its cost effective messaging features.

So going back to the question of whether WhatsApp provides great value to its users? The answer is a resounding, ‘Yes!’ And why is it able to deliver the same level of service and sometimes more, than traditional text messaging? The most basic reason is because it only needs a WiFi connection to facilitate the transfer of various forms of communication from one device to the next.

Unlike SMS which comes with a data plan from mobile devices, WhatsApp messaging doesn’t have to cost as much. So as long as the sender and receiver have stable Internet connections, they can talk, text, and send media files to each other freely.

What makes the messaging app even more attractive is that countries with high SMS costs can take advantage of their service for free! Well, users not from the US and parts of Europe do still pay higher for their Internet connection, but the savings they get by utilizing WhatsApp has a big difference especially if they have family members and friends abroad.

Indeed, the value of WhatsApp need not be doubted. It’s actually the matter of utilizing its best features that users should focus on so that they maximize their savings from the app.

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  1. WhatsApp is of value, yes. But it also has a tradeoff. And that’s not a small one. It’s your privacy. If you want to message freely without this tradeoff, you should use a secure messenger like Signal or (even better) Threema. The latter you can even use without giving your number.

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