Adobe Flash Player is the most popular browser based application in the world. The reason behind this being that Flash Player is equipped with a ton of features and it serves a huge number of purposes. Nonetheless, the plug-in is constantly being updated which enhance its abilities. In fact, a new update which brings its version number up to is available for download right now.

Adobe Flash Player Version Update

The update is specially developed to run on Windows operated devices and it requires 19.8MB of free space. Despite its small size, the update contains a bunch of new features which brings Flash Player to the next level. With that said, let’s look at some of the most important features and changes that this new update brings.

Content Protection for Mobile Devices

Smartphone and tablet owners should be happy to know that the developers behind Flash Player are putting a high price on the plug-in’s user experience. Furthermore, Flash Access’s content protection has been made available for mobile devices such as Android powered smartphones and tablets. Things get even better since Flash Access also supports BlackBerry’s tablet operating system.

Protected HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS)

Streaming videos is one of the things that Flash Player excels at. Therefore, no one should be surprised to find out that nearly all Flash Player updates tweak out its streaming capabilities. The new update introduces protected HTTP dynamic streaming (HDS) which enhances the plug-in’s streaming video protection. This feature is a great addition since it also eliminates the deployment complexity of licensed servers across screens.

JPEG-XR Support

Another cool feature that’s introduced by this new update is support for JPEG-XR. This means that both Flash Player and AIR will support advanced image compression standards that come in form of JPEG-XR. This format is amazing since it adds support for alpha channel transparency.

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