The phenomenal Grand Theft Auto 5 was once questionable for Android or even iOS mobile devices. So, people wanted to know if the game will ever be released on Android smartphones or tablets. Well, there is great news for Android and iOS fans out there because you can now download GTA 5 for both platforms.

Rockstar has finally decided to make it available for mobile because the hardware on Android devices are getting better and better. So, now users can experience the same that you have come to love on the PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. (

You can also log in to the same account you have for GTA V from other platforms. Since users are undoubtedly using their phones more than other consoles, it is such a great idea to make the game available for them. In fact, there are more mobile users in comparison to console and PC altogether.

The Rockstar CEO has felt the need to make the game available for Android devices, due to the increasing number of Android users nowadays. Moreover, it gives advantage to users because they can download GTA V APK and carry it with them anywhere.

In this new version for Android mobile devices, GTA V has included new features not present in other consoles. One of the things that you may find useful is the use of GPS and accelerometer, which can improve the gameplay. Thus, tilting your phone can be a flexible way of driving any vehicle.

With over 124 cars, 65 other vehicles, and 18 motorbikes, users can really make use of the new features. In addition, users can now enjoy new weapons, which include multiple missiles, grenades, and rocket launchers. The game also has all the missions, as well as the opportunity to do yoga, hunting, playing golf, riding jet ski, scuba diving, and tennis, as well as other activities you can do in real life.

You can play GTA V on Android conveniently even when riding the bus, by the station, or waiting in line. Pedestrian mechanics are also designed to be different than other versions. Thus, they are designed like real people having a certain amount of fear, walking on the road, or walking the same walk.

Moreover, these types of people can be observed on bus stops of East Los Santos, as well as those working on lawns. It also has a huge map, even larger than that of any GTA series. GTA V has an estimated file size of 30GB on some consoles. Nevertheless, it may not fit in some Android devices. Therefore, Rockstar has finally decided to have the game compressed. As a result, the GTA V is now available at 4.2GB, which include SD Data and APK.

As you would with other mobile games, you need to download GTA V from a trusted website. However, you need to enable Unknown Sources features first to be able to install the app. You may need to complete the verification process, which takes approximately a few minutes, after opening GTA V on your mobile device.

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