If you’re using WhatsApp and want to reply to a message without appearing to be online, how can you do this? Perhaps the question is why you’d want to do this? It may because a reply back would mean a long-drawn-out conversation you want to avoid. You can reply to them, appearing to be offline and unable to get any more messages.

Notification Replies

If your device has a current Android OS – Nougat and higher, you can reply to a message from the notification. Use the drop-down menu to reply to it, so the app stays closed. If you have the Android Wear smartwatch, you can reply via the notifications and don’t appear as if you’re online.

Offline Mode Replies

  • Cut your smartphone off from the Wi-Fi and mobile network.
  • Open the WhatsApp app up along with the conversation you’re going to reply to.
  • Write the message and shut down WhatsApp.
  • Reconnect your smartphone to the mobile network or the Wi-Fi.

The message will be sent, and you’ll be offline

Use Unseen App

You can use the Unseen app to view messages attained through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber. You look like you’re offline, but you can read all messages received without showing the contacts you’ve gotten their message. The app doesn’t let you reply to their messages, but you can think about what you’ll say before you actually type something.

WhatsApp on iPad?

If the rumors circulating WhatsApp are true, iPad users may soon see the app become available for their device. Great news for iPad users who have been looking forward to using the popular instant messaging app.

In the meantime, neither iPad nor iPod users can use the app – it’s an iPhone only app.

Getting WhatsApp For Your iPad

WABetaInfo is the one responsible for the latest news, saying it would be a great feature for iPad users. However, the information didn’t include any additional data about how it would work. Simply put, there’s no concrete proof that WhatsApp will become available for iPad users. Or, if the feature will work like the WhatsApp Web that still needs an account developed on phones.

iPad users got creative in getting WhatsApp installed on their device, but it’s always been a necessity to have a phone number to use WhatsApp.

What Are Some New WhatsApp Features?

WhatsApp developers are constantly updating and improving the app. They recently released the Delete for Everyone option, which lets users delete messages they’ve sent. The limitation of this option is that people have just seven minutes to delete the message or it becomes unavailable.

However, some WhatsApp users have exploited a loophole that lets the delete days-old messages – just change the phone’s clock time.

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