This year has been a productive year for Google Maps. Users received a number of new features, including one that allowed them to create and share lists of places. This was ideal for planning a trips or deciding which attractions you want to visit while travelling. However, there was one disadvantage, this feature was only available on iOS and Android.

However, Google Maps users should know that a change is on its way. Creating and sharing lists should become possible for computer users as well, which is great, because until now they could only see those lists, but had no option to create some of their own. This update should be available for all users in a couple of weeks.

How does the web version of the feature work?

If you are already accustomed with the mobile version, then you have no reason to worry, since the feature will be almost the same on computers. Simply go to Google Maps and find a location that interests you. Then, you should see the “Save” icon in the left panel. Click on it, and then add the place to a list. You can either start a new list or add it to a list that already exists.

If you access the hamburger menu you will be able to go to “Your places” where you can find all of your lists. They are under the “Saved” tab. Go to a list and you should see more sharing options, including a shareable list and buttons for Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

You can also set the privacy for a certain list, and you can choose between making it public, shared or private. You can do that by clicking the share icon on a list.

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