Android Oreo comes in as a better version and new features for the updated Android core compared to the older Nougat system. Oreo came with Google security patches, more stable launcher and other improved performances and bug fixes. There have been other three more versions of the Oreo, updating in a regular form; as for example twice in November. The beta version will only run on T-Mobile, Sprint, and unlocked versions of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.

It’s not even a month since the thirst version was updated and we are currently talking about the fourth Android Oreo. The latest form of software comes in at a shade of 850.52MB which means this is larger than the previous two beta versions.

December’s update

What we can expect from the new beta is the developed Bluetooth stability and the updated Google Security patches applied. The developers advise us to keep track of our phones by updating them regularly after the newest versions for improvements to performances. There is a long list of fixed bugs that this fourth new beta edition has. There have been revised 19 bugs and the most predominant problems were the excessive battery consumption, trouble when the phone freezes for more than five seconds, random vibrations, the device overheats and reboots while playing games, problems with the iris sensor and so on.

Available for UK and US

If you consider on installing the update, take a look first at the number of fixes they made since the third beta appeared. Although the fourth beta is accessible to the UK and US users, make a plan B until you are very decided on installing it. The other versions were available in Korea too. We are expecting other news from Samsung and we can be sure there will be other soon.

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