A new update was released by Google lately, which caters to the needs of iPhone X users. This was intended to conform to the new anniversary edition iPhone, which has a taller screen after the removal of the home button. Thus, developers have taken more time to optimize their apps in order to suit the new UI navigation and layout gestures.

Google has finally pushed out the update for its Gmail app. This was designed to make use of the full display capability of the handset, which includes the left and right sides of the notch. Moreover, the new update would add the ability to utilize non-Google email accounts. In fact, this is already available Android devices for some time now.

The development took some time due to other issues that Google was attending to. Such issues include the update of Google Home, Maps, Waze, and YouTube. Fortunately, users of iOS Gmail can now get more than just its notch feature. In addition, Google has added more support for 3rd party email apps, including Outlook, Yahoomail, and iCloud, among others.

Other email services in Gmail can also be used in iOS devices. So, users of the iPhone X should be glad to know that Gmail has now been updated specifically for their device. Well, there is nothing extraordinary in the iPhone X’s screen, it just got taller this time.

So, users can enjoy the ability to log in to other email accounts into the Gmail app, which is intended for iOS devices. You can download and install the app via the App Store. You can also use the iMAP to get more options to various accounts mentioned above.

The thing is that there is still no unified Inbox, but you can switch between services, comparable to switching between your Gmail accounts.

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