Both Android and iOS platforms can run hundreds of Internet browsers, but not many get to become popular. There are some smartphones that offer their own browsers, such as Xiaomi and Samsung.

We are now going to look at Samsung’s browser, also known as Samsung Internet. Why is it so important right now?

Well, it looks like Samsung Internet will be available on all Android devices!

Samsung Internet is Now in Google Play Store

Until now, the browsers were specific to brands – like Samsung Internet available only for Samsung devices. But now, their browser version 6.2 is ready to be downloaded and installed on any Android device.

The best experience offered by this browser will be on Samsung devices, as it has been optimized for them. It will come with ‘Night mode’ or ‘High contrast mode’ to let you adjust browsing according to the light in your environment.

Based on the Chromium engine, Samsung Internet offers users Adblockers, Track blockers and it lets them sync bookmarks with their Chrome desktop browser. All of these options provide an effective and smooth browsing.

You can get the app either from Google Play Store – there are two versions, one of which being the Beta version that offers new features.

Download Samsung Internet APK File (v.6.2 or v.7.0)

You can also get the v.6.2 APK file from The file is 63.81 MB and requires at least Android 5.0 Lollipop.

There is also a new version available, which got released on 30 October. It jumped to v.7.0, with a size of 65.54 MB.

Both files have been verified to work and to be safe from corrupting or tempering with. While it is a safe method for downloading APK files, the best and easiest way to install apps is right from Google Play Store.

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