Every year there is software most people are interested in owning and, in 2017, most Microsoft Windows users wanted to get Windows 10 for free. Even though Microsoft wants to be a cloud-first and artificial intelligence first company, most people who own a computer running Windows do not want to pay for their operating system.

How to get Windows 10 for free

This operation was looked up online by many Windows users together with stories regarding Windows10 update and pricing.

At the beginning of Windows 10, Microsoft offered this upgrade for free until the 29th of July. After the promotion ended, the free upgrade remains possible using older Windows 7 and 8 product keys.

All you need to know about Windows 10

This operating system is part of the Windows NT family and it is the first one Microsoft will provide continuous updates for.

Specs and features

  • Universal apps (UWP): these apps have been created to work on multiple Microsoft products such as PCs, tablets, Xbox One, embedded systems, Mixed Reality and Surface Hub.
  • Internet Explorer has been replaced with Microsoft Edge
  • Cortana personal assistant
  • Mandatory update installation
  • Functionality between several classes of devices
  • Windows Store for apps, music, films, TV series and ebooks
  • New Start Menu
  • Virtual desktop system
  • Task View: a system that displays all open windows
  • Charms were removed
  • More options for Setting apps
  • Multi-factor authentication technology
  • Encryption of sensitive data
  • Device Guard: a system created to protect Windows 10 users from zero-day exploits
  • Automatic compression of system files

Microsoft Edge

This default web browser offers Windows 10 users annotation tools, web searching engine and integration with other Microsoft platforms.

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