There are so many wonderful features with Google Earth and Google Maps, but if you’ve not checked out the Google Earth Flight Simulator, you are missing out.

Rather than zooming in and out with the program using satellite images, you can fly all around the world.  That’s right! You FLY around the world, checking out the various sites.

What Does The Flight Simulator Feel Like?

With the Flight Simulator that Google created, you are the pilot, controlling where you go around the world. How do you use this program for yourself?

  • Go to Google Earth and Hit the “Tools” button. You should see the button “Enter Flight Simulator. (Provigil) ”
  • Once you open it, you can pick the aircraft you want to fly – an SR22 propeller plane or an F-16 fighter jet. Both will mimic real-life power and speed.
  • Pick a location you want the journey to start. You can lift off from your location, an airport, the moon or Mars.
  • Using a joystick or your keyboard and mouse, you control the plane. If you don’t, you crash.
  • Hit the Page Up button to take off, holding it until you get some speed. After that, you hit the Down Arrow key.
  • To land, you’ll need a flat area of land – an airstrip, if you will. Hit the Page Down button, which reduces the speed and thrust of the plane. Hit G to put the landing gear down. Hitting F will increase the flap setting and slow the plane down. Once you land, you’ll need to hit the comma button to brake.

Special Note: If you feel anxious about flying your plane, you can hit the spacebar to take a break. The simulation will freeze until you’re ready to start again.

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