Amazon Echo

One of the companies to first capitalize on the smart home market potential is the Amazon Echo. In fact, some of the best-selling devices are the Echo and the Echo Dot. Amazon products have been integrated into the home security offerings, which include security cameras, smart locks, and smart doorbells.

Google Home

If you are looking for a close competitor with Amazon’s Echo, then Google Home is the wisest choice. This is due to the expansion of its 3rd-party device compatibility. Such would include the addition of products made by August, Frigidaire, Insignia, Logitech, and Vivint.

Canary Smart Home Security Device

This device offers 1080p HD live streaming video, air and humidity quality sensors, and motion detection and temperature. At the same time, you can enjoy integrated 90-decibel siren and capabilities to arm or disarm, or make the device a self-contained home security system, equivalent to a standalone security camera.

Guardzilla 360

When it comes to home security system, an all-in-one mechanism like the Guardzilla 360 is a very suitable device. It offers 100-decibel siren, motion detection, and remote arming or disarming mechanisms. However, its main feature is the 360-degree 1712p HD live video feed. This should give you the details of everything happening inside a room in high definition at the same time.

Icontrol Networks Piper Classic

The Piper Classic from Icontrol Networks provides a security module with camera, siren, and an entire group of sensors. Even ambient light or motion could not escape, because it can be detected via 1080p HD live streaming. Moreover, it can save up to 1,000 video clips over its cloud server without paying anything. Thus, there is no local storage available, but it shouldn’t cost anything.

LG Smart Security

It is a device that features 1080p live streaming, built-in Z-Wave, Alexa voice integration, and professional monitoring from ADT, a security firm, as an option. LG Smart Security is also a suitable choice for all-in-one security for the home. However, you can’t expect free cloud storage, which you can get from other home security systems like Guardzilla, Piper, and other standalone systems.

Somfy One

Myfox home security accessories were once independent of Somfy before it was acquired in 2016. Today, the range o home security accessories are now distributed via the Somfy brand. Additionally, Somfy One has been introduced with an integrated 90-decibel siren, HD live streaming camera, and motion sensor.

Icontrol Networks Piper NV

There is a couple of distinctions between the Piper NV from its predecessor. Basically, it has a 3.4MP camera sensor and a night vision capability. However, a lot of the features from the previous model were kept, such as the 180-degree fish eye lens, microphone and speaker, 105-decibel siren, multiple sensors, and free cloud storage.

Investing in any smart home security system can be daunting, but it has also proven to be a rewarding decision. If you are particular about smart home systems, then perhaps the products presented here should help you make a good decision.

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