On Dec. 1, any older Nokia devices will be able to download and use WhatsApp.

Not surprising as there is a new device being created on a regular basis and companies are offering all kinds of new features. The idea is to ensure a better user experience. However, it also means outdated devices, which force people to purchase new ones to keep the applications they love and the support of those applications.

WhatsApp is one of many apps that will end support on older technology to put attention on newer ones. For example, users with older Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices were unable to download WhatsApp last year.

WhatsApp announced that beginning July 1 the BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10, Nokia S60 and Nokia S40 would no longer be able to use the app. The end date came and went, and still, people were able to use the app on those devices. However, app developers have given a firm Dec. 31 deadline as the support end date.

What can people do then?

There’s not much they can do other than upgrading their devices if they want to use the app. You can purchase a new device or the Nokia Android phone – something new to the line of Nokia. A person can pick from the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 or Nokia 6 for now. By the end of the month, the Nokia 8 will be released.

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