Adobe Flash Player users are constantly seeing security updates, and that’s because of the multiple vulnerabilities this program has. The company itself, as well as security experts, are watching Flash to ensure problems are solved before they rear their ugly head.

Most people know how vulnerable the Flash Player program is, which is why it’s being phased out as of 2020. Until it is, it’s vital for users to know about the flaws and keep the program current whenever new releases come out. With the new security updates, you keep yourself from being hacked or even worse.

Adobe has recently released its new Flash Player update called APSB17-32.

Adobe Flash Player Priority 1 Update

The update is for all systems – Windows, Macintosh Chrome OS and Linux – and it was developed after it a potentially serious vulnerability was found. Being that it’s a Priority 1 update, people should immediately download and install the file.

What products should get the Adobe Flash Player update? They include Microsoft Edge, IE 11, Desktop Runtime and Google Chrome. The file can be downloaded with the Adobe Flash Player Download Center or using the product’s update mechanism. If you allow for auto updates, you should already have it.

The vulnerability – CVE-2017-11292 – could enable a person to access the computer via a remote code execution.

Anton Ivanov of Kaspersky Labs made Adobe aware of the problem, working alongside the company to address the problem. Of course, Kaspersky Labs has reported problems with the product many times in the past, so it’s no surprise they caught this issue too.

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