There is no limit to how much powerful can an Android smartphone become. And this is because it can have infinite integrations, if the hardware can cope with them. What we can have right now on top of your Android Oreo is a personal assistant that will help you a lot by performing important tasks for you.

We’ve gathered the best Android Assistants of 2017 for you; let’s see what they can do!

Google Assistant

We’ve chosen to talk first about this assistant, as it is a native app for Android, so it is the best one that you could get for your Android smartphone.

The app is free, and it has a lot of features to help you out throughout your entire day. You can get it from Google Play Services.

Google Assistant app will tell you a lot of information based on the data that it collects from how you use the smartphone. It can show you traffic reports or if your favorite football team has won the match. It can provide you information on flights and more.

Jarvis – AI Assistant

This assistant sounds like a butler when it talks to you. Its focus is linking voice commands to your phone functions. For example, if you tell him to start Chrome or play a certain song, tell you the weather, he will do that for you.

Jarvis can also set reminders for the contacts that you choose. You will create a note with something you need to tell a person and when that person calls you, Jarvis will tell you about the note before answering. You can also link Jarvis to your Android Wear smartwatch.

Hound – AI Assistant

Hound is a free assistant, and it can activate as soon as you say: ‘OK Hound’ and ask him something. You don’t need to provide specific keywords, as it understands natural speech. You can send text messages and make phone calls with voice commands, you can use internet browsers and search by asking questions. You can find near restaurant, club and service by asking the ‘Hound’. It will only need access to GPS to help you.

Cortana – AI Assistant

Although there are people that cannot stand this AI Assistant, we believe that the app is good. It comes with Windows 10, and it is also available on Windows mobile phones. People can also try this feature out from their PCs. The app is easy to use on Android too and it has many features. You can find out a lot of information, you can make schedules for your meetings and Cortana will remind you of them and tell you what you have previously instructed her to say. You can send messages with voice command.

Cortana is a free app that requires you to have a Microsoft account, if you want to use it.

AIVC / Alice – AI Assistant

This AI assistant is a standard alternative for an AI assistant app. The app is functional and it will help you with a lot of tasks: it can start apps, check the weather for you, add notifications and timers and it can also provide you with some solutions for math problems.

Alice will also check the stock market on various websites for you, or what are the news on different business websites. Alice will also help you with basic actions, such as sending messages or translating some simple sentences.

As you can see, having an AI Assistant sounds great, it can improve your performance and keep you informed. The Assistants will perform tasks while you’re driving or while you’re doing something else, improving your productivity too. We think that they are worth a try, and once you use one of these, you’ll never let your Assistant go.

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