It is old news that Google Maps Street View is full of gems like this one. We have seen weird people wearing masks on the road, a woman giving birth on the pavements, a naked man trying to get out of the boot of his car, a small baby crawling out of a store.

The software was created in 2005 by Lars and Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen – Danish brothers that hoped to open up the world for the entire globe. And they did it!

The addition of Street View with the help of Google cars was brilliant, and it not only added more useful content to the entire software, but it also collected a lot of funny and confusing images.

The Strange Vehicle

The location is in Mountain View, California, where we see a weird vehicle on the street. These pictures show us something different and more interesting as we connect all the dots.

With only two huge wheels, this vehicle is in the middle of the street. It has two seats and it has pedals. A closer look at the vehicle gives us more insight to the whole contraption.

It seems that the vehicle is outside of the Google Offices, so maybe this is a new gadget invented by the company. It is nothing out of the ordinary, looking at the Googleplex headquarters from Santa Clara County that has not only free food, massage sessions or gym classes offered to their employees, but they also focus on education.

So, it seems that the vehicle belongs to Google, being a part of the company’s weird perks.

A few days ago, Google Maps showed us another weird bike scene that took place in Indonesia. A woman riding a bike is captured by the Google car as she falls and then gets up, appearing to be okay.

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