Adobe Flash Player certainly paved the way for today’s Internet world. In the past, it was considered an important part of a person’s browsing experience and was important for all users. This certainly isn’t the case anymore. And, Flash Player has proven to more of a hindrance because of the multiple vulnerabilities it’s built with.

Nobody wants to deal with these attacks, but Flash is certainly a target of them – a reason HTML 5 came about. And, Adobe itself decided that after decades in business, it would end its Flash Player come 2020 – just a little more than two years before the end of an era is over.

Still, Adobe Flash Player hasn’t been altogether tossed to the wayside. It’s still getting updates, and security flaws are being addressed right away. This is what happened when Microsoft released the KB4051613 Windows Update for Adobe Flash Player. The company is still using it for its Microsoft Explorer and Edge browsers.

What The KB4051613 Update Dealt With

If you want to know what the latest update offers, there are not many details about it. According to Microsoft Knowledgebase’s support article, the update addresses problems in the Flash Player – pretty vague, personally. According to Adobe, however, the release was to address the functional fix that impacted the Flex content.

Flash Player has a bug where multiple crashes in the VMware ySphere for both IE and Firefox has been occurring. The problem appears isolated to the Flash Player version. The update addresses it.

According to the Knowledgebase site, the update was a necessity to use Windows Server 2016 and previous Windows 10 OS. Once the update is installed, you’ll also see notice you’ll have to install language packs.

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