There are several multinational telecommunication companies in the United States; however each has different pans and prices for calls and internet. Those who think about switching to another provider should study all existing offers before making a decision.

Unlimited data plans are offered by Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T. However, companies change their plans from time to time and it is easy to lose track of the prices and offers on the market.

Newest changes and plans

Verizon changed its Verizon Unlimited plan and now the company offers two: Go Unlimited, 5 $ cheaper than the first unlimited plan and Beyond Unlimited, which is 5$ dollars more expensive.

T-Mobile’s Plus plan offers the higher amount of GB, 32GB and the offers have not changed much lately.

Sprint offers up to 1080p video and AT&T offers two plans: Choice and Plus.

AT&T has joined hands with DirectTV and the deals are good in terms of price and what they offer.

Before making a decision, it is important to take into consideration several factors: price, data, hotspot, video quality, Canada and Mexico Roaming and additional bonuses.

  • PRICE: this is perhaps the most important to consider when deciding on your provider.

Verizon has two unlimited plans: Go Unlimited for 75$ for 1 line, 65$ for 2 lines and 40$ for 4 lines; the Beyond Unlimited plan can be yours for 85$ for 1 line, 80$ for 2 lines and 50$ for 4 lines.

AT&T has two plans as well: Unlimited Choice for 60$ for 1 line, 115 $ for 2 lines and 20$ for 3-10 lines; and Unlimited Plus: 90$ for 1 line, 145$ for 2 lines and 20$ for 3-10 lines.

Verizon and AT&T do not have taxes included

T-Mobile has two options as well: T-Mobile One with 70$ for 1 line, 100$ for 2 lines and 20$ for 3-10 lines; and T-Mobile One Plus which also offer 10$/line/mo.

Sprint offers two unlimited plans: Unlimited Freedom Promo: 50$ for 1 line, 90$ for 2 lines and no additional cost for 3-5 lines; and Unlimited Freedom with 60$ for 1 line, 100$ for 2 lines and 30$ for 3-4 lines.

Both companies have taxes and fees included.

The four companies require clients to request autopay

  • DATA: Verizon Go Unlimited offers unlimited data with throttling in congested areas and Beyond Unlimited offers premium unlimited data with throttling in congested areas per line after 22GB.

AT&T Unlimited Choice offers unlimited data at 3Mbps speed and Unlimited Plus offers unlimited data and throttling in congested areas per line after 22 GB.

T-Mobile offers unlimited data with network management when the client passes the 32 GB line for both options.

Sprint offers unlimited data with throttling after 23 GB and the music streaming is throttled to 1.5 Mbps

It seems that the four providers have good unlimited data offers, especially for those who do not spend all their surfing the internet.


Sprint offers for the first option 10GB per line and 2G speeds after.

T-Mobile offers for the first option 3G speeds and for the second one 10GB per line and 3G speeds after.

AT&T Unlimited Choice has no tethering and Unlimited Plus has 10GB per line ad 128Kbps after.

Verizon Go Unlimited has unlimited hotspot at 600kbps. Beyond Unlimited has 15GB 4G LTE speeds per line and 600Kbps after.


Verizon, AT&T and T-mobile offer for their regular unlimited plans quality up to 480p and Sprint offers up to 1080p video for both options.


Sprint offers only free text and 2G data, Verizon Go Unlimited has no roaming included. The other options have unlimited calling and texting.

  • BONUSES: the best bonuses are offered by AT&T: free HBO and Direct TV
  1. How come T-Mobile you write network management but the others you write throttle. Two completely different things in essence. However for all 4, it is network management, not throttling.

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