For many years Google Chrome was the most popular option when it came to browsers. On the opposite side was Internet Explorer. The Microsoft browser was considered one of the less efficient and most users soon began to make jokes about its slowness.

Nevertheless, it appears that Microsoft got tired of receiving the short end of the stick and the tech giant released a brand new browser, Microsoft Edge. Compared to Internet Explorer, there are some major improvements and it appears that Google Chrome might final have a worthy rival.

Microsoft Edge versus Google Chrome comparison

It is important to use a browser that is not a memory hog since that can slow down your computer. That is why both browsers were tested with eight open tabs in order to check memory usage. In this situation Google Chrome consumed 516 MB, while Microsoft Edge consumed 1018 MB, which is a lot of memory.

When it comes to compatibility Microsoft Edge works with Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. Meanwhile Google Chrome works with almost all platforms, including Windows, Android, iOS and Chrome OS.

If we take a look at web standards we can see that Microsoft Edge tries to meet all the modern standards. Therefore Edge meets custom download managers, Shell Helper API and many more. Meanwhile Google Chrome also comes with support for new web standards such as WebP and it supported HTML 5 from the start. We should also add that Google is a founding member of W3C Web Performance Working group.

In terms of privacy, it appears that Microsoft Edge managed to come with all the needed improvements and it is one of the most secure browsers. It supports SmartScreen and it also comes with sandboxing

There have been some concerns about Google’s data hogging, but other than that Chrome is a secure browser as well. It comes with Safe Browsing and Sandboxing.

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