If you have been a mobile gamer for some time now, it would be impossible for you not to hear about the Minecraft pocket edition game. This particular sandbox game has been a favorite among gamers across the globe. It does not matter whether you are a PC gamer or a console gamer, Minecraft would have definitely been in your radar at least for some while.

However if you are new to the scene, a quick test on how the game works will quickly hook you up to the game of Minecraft. People have reported playing Minecraft for months and have decided to stop one day only to come back at playing the game again when the opportunity presented itself.

But if you don’t want to waste money yet just to test out the game there is a way for you to download Minecraft on you mobile phone via the APK for free. Just be sure to purchase the game if you find yourself liking it. Note that downloading the game this way won’t give you access to all of the game offers, thus it is only good for when you want to test the game.

Downloading a ported version

Be warned that what you are about to do is not safe for you and your mobile device so just proceed with caution.

The first step to do is to download Aptoide into your mobile device. You can do this by enabling the “Download from unverified sources” options on your device security settings.

Since Aptoide is not available through the Google playstore you need to copy it to your phone via usb or download it directly from their website.

After installing Aptiode on your device, search for the Minecraft game on Aptoide’s search box. You will see a ported version of Minecraft in the search results and all you have to do is install it. Note that after installing Minecraft you won’t be able to play with it if you are connected to the Internet, so be sure to disable the Internet connection if you want to test out Minecraft’s gameplay this way.

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