Using emails is the most professional way of communicating with work colleagues or other people. However, email inboxes are often flooded with spam and annoying advertisements that makes it quite difficult to check the important stuff. Fortunately, this is where Inbox by Gmail comes in and saves the day.

Inbox by Gmail 1.60.175246470 APK Update

As the app’s name implies, Google is the one who is directly in charge of it. Google is renowned throughout the world for putting a high level of attention to all its apps and Inbox by Gmail is not an exception to that rule. The app is constantly being bombarded with new updates which enhance its performance and prevent bugs from annoying users.

In fact, the app’s build number has been recently brought up to 1.60.175246470 with a new update. The update is solely focused on enhancing the app’s performance by adding a couple of bug fixes and minor performance tweaks. Therefore, Inbox by Gmail users should make sure to download and install the update as soon as possible.

Key Features

The reason why this new update doesn’t contain any new features is because Inbox by Gmail is already packed with tons of cool features that provide users with a premium experience. Take for example the app’s bundle feature which automatically gathers up similar messages in one location so that users can check them out or remove them at once.

One of the best features that Inbox by Gmail is equipped with is snooze. Just like the alarm clock, users can set a snooze reminder on important emails that they might not have the required time to deal with them at the moment.

Lastly, we need to go over how well the inbox integrates with Gmail. Obviously, this was to be expected since the app is produced by Gmail, but this doesn’t mean we should overlook it. Therefore, people who use Gmail as their primary address should consider giving this inbox a try.

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