Most of us are familiar with WhatsApp, an app first created back in 2009 which was bought by Facebook in 2014 used as a substitute for expensive SMS text messaging services offered by most phone services. But what you may not know is, there are ways to manipulate or modify WhatsApp to make it an even more enjoyable user experience.

That’s where WhatsApp Plus comes into play. In simple terms, WhatsApp Plus is a way to give the WhatsApp App a complete makeover and to tailor the application to your needs, wishes, and aesthetic desires.

With an array of options like messaging themes, hundreds of new emoticons, or even just hiding your online status, WhatsApp plus will change your WhatsApp experience for the better.

Now then, let’s delve into just how WhatsApp Plus is changing the game.

Customization Features

We know that with WhatsApp, you can get bored by the basic templates and backgrounds when texting. Out of the nearly one and half billion users of WhatsApp according to Wikipedia, we all want to be able to find a way to stick out in the crowd of people.

Unlike the normal WhatsApp instant messenger, WhatsApp plus allows for full-sized profile pictures, new and changeable color schemes, personality-filled texting fonts, and even themed image backgrounds.

When sending images to one of your friends, WhatsApp Plus makes it possible to edit the image sizing and specifications to take up less space and data.

Whether you’re just looking for some more freedom with how you organize your messages, or you just want a change of pace, WhatsApp’s creative freedom makes it easy to choose the layout and design you are most comfortable with.

Unmatched “Incognito” Mode

We’ve all been there: you want to snoop around in messages, but you just aren’t in the mood to talk to anybody.

By installing WhatsApp Plus, you can eliminate unwanted conversations and freely read any messages you want!

What do we mean by this? WhatsApp Plus gives you the option to hide your online status so people you don’t want to talk to will be less inclined to try and do so. Similarly, you can hide your Last Seen status so other users won’t be able to snoop around and wonder why you won’t respond to your messages.

On the topic of not responding to messages, you can even check messages without your friend knowing. WhatsApp Plus integrates a useful feature that you can use to hide read receipts for your ease of accessing messages.

WhatsApp Plus is perfect for the user who wants to leave no footprints behind them.

The All-Around Solution to Your WhatsApp Issues

Download the add-on for the boring and bland WhatsApp today if you’re looking for a way to customize your layout to express your creativity, want to save money on data by decreasing image quality, or even just want access to unique emoticons to show how you’re really feeling.

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